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Japanese Technology meets Brazilian Style

We have spent over 20 years perfecting a unique bioceramic formula that uses Far Infrared technology to help your body repair itself. We matched that impeccably crafted and form flattering style, making us the only clothing company that makes you feel and look good.

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Our tanks and tops provide targeted compression. Our Brazilian sensibility gives it a style that is unique to shape wear.

  • Support & Comfort
  • Cover & Compression

Patented Bioceramics MIG3® Technology

Did we mention that all our fabrics are embedded with our patented MIG3® technology to reflect Far Infrared energy back to the body, which can promote healthy skin and increase metabolism?

Light Therapy

Light Therapy

Far Infrared improves blood micro-circulation by increasing temperature to the skin.

Gentle, Non-Invasive, and Natural

Gentle, Non-Invasive, and Natural

This natural heating of our skin promotes vasodilation and increases delivery of oxygen to your skin.

MIG3® Bioceramic

MIG3® Bioceramic

Invel’s patented MIG3® bio-ceramic-embedded clothing reflects more FiR than our competitors