Sleep Better

Every moment counts and that includes sleep. Using Invel® products is not limited to only daytime. Using Invel Recharge® at night allows you to get to sleep faster, by decreasing the latency time for onset of sleep and managing stress.

Sleeping With Infrared

Infrared can be used to serve as a therapy for sleep. Use your body’s natural healing process combined with our products for an even healthier experience.

Our Products Have Proven Quality.

Studies have shown time and time again the benefits of infrared therapy.  Make use of our products to bring those benefits to you.

Improve Sleep Management

With every moment mattering in our lives, making sure that effective sleep is a priority. Invel MIG3® helps to improve sleep management and relaxation. Invel Recharge® can help in your pursuit of that goal.

Increase Microcirculation

Increased microcirculation translates into improving more nutrients and oxygen to your body. Invel MIG3® products makes this process much more seamless.

Recover Benefits