Infrared Pant – Far-Infrared “Reta” Women’s Pants


Fitted thigh, looser fit on the lower leg. Perfect for the office, or after work drinks. Comfortable, and with pockets.



Infrared Pant – Far-Infrared “Reta” Women’s Pants

Harness the power of Far-Infrared thermal physiotherapy technology with this Far-Infrared “Reta” Women’s Pants! Shop from the largest inventory of Far-Infrared clothing available. Harness the power of Invel patented MIG3® Technology. Let the comfort of Invel’s MIG3® Far-Infrared “Reta” Women’s Pants harness the power within you. Our soft infrared clothing provides you with the comfort and wellness that millions have learned to trust. Shop online today, or call for more information about Invel’s Far-Infrared Products.