• Infrared Pants - Far-Infrared Women's Skinny Pants

    Anti-Cellulite Pants – Far-Infrared Women’s Skinny Pants

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  • Far-Infrared Premium Eye Mask

    Far-Infrared Premium Eye Mask – Infrared Eye Mask

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  • Far-Infrared Lower Back Support Belt - Infrared Support Belt - Invel MIG3® Technology

    Infrared Wellness – Far-Infrared Lower Back Support Belt

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  • Infrared Accessory – Far-Infrared All Season Scarf

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  • Infrared Active Wear – Far-Infrared Men’s Short Sleeve Sport Shirt

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  • Far-Infrared Active Basic Capri

    Infrared Anti-Cellulite Pants – Women’s Far-Infrared Anti-Cellulite Active Capri Pants

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  • Far Infrared Women's Comfort Plus Cardigan

    Infrared Cardigan – Far Infrared Women’s Comfort Plus Cardigan

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  • Far-Infrared "Star" Women's Cardigan with Hood

    Infrared Cardigan – Far-Infrared “Star” Women’s Cardigan with Hood

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  • Far-Infrared Women's "Marcy" Long Sleeve Cardigan

    Infrared Cardigan – Far-Infrared Women’s Active Versatile Cardigan

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  • Mini Dress

    Infrared Dress – Far-Infrared Women’s Mini Dress

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  • Infrared Home – Far-Infrared Pad Cushion Active Single Face Pillow

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  • Infrared Jewelery – Far-Infrared Traditional Necklace

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