How MIG3® Is Made

Here’s Something That Sets Us Apart From Our Competitors

We oversee every aspect of production involving our products.

This compound is named MIG3 and is patented in 29 countries.

We have spent years testing and perfecting our own bio-ceramic compound in conjunction with prestigious Japanese and Brazilian universities.

What other bio ceramic clothing company can say that?


We embed every single thread of our clothes with MIG3®, instead of stamping it on fabric like our competitors do. The result is that our clothes maintain their bio ceramic properties far longer than our competition.

Quality Control

The factory where our products are made is held to the same standards of good manufacturing practices, and we impose the strictest quality control on everything the factory produces.

Made By Us

Our pieces are created by in-house designers and include everything from activewear compression gear to elegant tops and bottoms that are perfect for the office.

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Finally, we bring the product directly to you, both through retail stores all over the world, distributors, and online.

Bioceramic MIG3®

MIG3® is a mineral Biocerâmica® comprised of Magnesium Oxides, Aluminum, Silica and ceramic elements. It is incorporated to Invel® fabrics through exclusive and patented technology capable of infrared irradiation in the 3-14.8-micron band..

Micronization and Polymerization of MIG3® to the weave, provides greater distribution and fixation to the fabric High power of bio stimulation.