The exclusive inorganic minerals embedded to INVEL® FABRIC are called MIG3® TECHNOLOGY.

Invel MIG3® technology is patented in 29 countries including the United States of America. Our proprietary process involves the embedding of our bioceramic MIG3® compound into many different types of textiles.


Invel® has spent the last 20 years perfecting their award winning bioceramic MIG3® technology. Invel® has partnered with some of the world’s top universities, doctors, scientists, and researchers to ensure its technology is proven.

Action Mechanism

Invel® Fabric with Biocerâmica® MIG3®  technology is an inorganic mineral compound that promotes bio stimulation.

Biocerâmica® MIG3® can stimulate the synthesis of Nitric Oxide. Nitric Oxide will act on muscle of vessel wall, dilating and increasing microcirculation blood perfusion on local.

Active Benefits