We consume energy every single day, and much of it is lost to heat. With Invel MIG3® Technology, this heat is utilized properly and not wasted. Far Infrared Light is helpful to the body and with our products, you can go about your day, knowing that you are healthier for it.

Simply wearing our products gives the benefit of an Infrared Light Therapy. This allows you to stay active through the entire day and rest better at night.

An Energy Source Used Properly For Your Body

Invel MIG3® helps you use infrared energy that is already being produced by your body. Our products create a cost-effective infrared therapy. Vasodilation and blood microcirculation are improved when bio stimulation clothing is worn. The combination of these factors allows you to stay active through the entire day and recover better during the night.

Your Day Initiated by Infrared

A healthier you is able to stay active for longer and recover better. Let your clothing do some of the work for you by using the naturally occurring infrared waves being produced by your body. By using your bodies heat naturally, your blood flow is stimulated bringing the many health benefits associated with it occurring. Make use of our award winning MIG3® Technology to live better every day.

Be at Your Best Every Single Day

All that stands between you and a better today is an article of clothing. See what a difference clothing embedded with MIG3® Technology can make in your life. Our clinically tested materials are ready to help you take your day to the next level.

Live Better. Be Better. With Invel®.

Our clothing line is perfect for exercise. Increased blood flow allows for greater physical activity through the day.  A healthy you is simply waiting to be unleashed.

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Work Smarter.

Improving blood microcirculation allows your body to work more effectively. Do more of what you enjoy and let some of our activewear clothing do much of the work!

What You Wear Matters.

Our activewear clothing allows your body to do what it does best. By making the process more effective, you can remain active longer and more effectively. Regular clothing does not offer the benefits of MIG3®.

Recycle the Energy Around You

Invel MIG3® returns the heat energy that your body normally wastes and brings it back to you. The all-natural therapy makes use of the resources that your body normally loses. The many benefits of this process include increased blood microcirculation flow and improvement of synthesis of nitric oxide.

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