Invel has been a trusted brand for almost two decades. It has reached millions of people in Brazil, and helped countless lives.

Our humble beginning started back in 1992, known as Goen3®, collaborated with leading Japanese researchers to develop products on Infrared therapy.

Our first product, Invel® Body Dome, was installed in over 700 clinics in Brazil and 10 clinics in Japan with licensing partners in many countries including France and Italy.

We focused our energy into developing the MIG3® line of products, with a proprietary technology to embed Bioceramic onto clothing that reflected optimal wavelengths of Far Infrared (FIR) to facilitate muscle repair and increase metabolic actions of the covered areas.

We then combined our unparalleled technology with the Brazilian sense of style to create the most comfortable, practical, and stylish line of clothing and accessories available.

Our line of products have been tested and used in Brazil by many satisfied customers. Our brand has become the most trusted brand in Far Infrared embedded apparel in Brazil, enjoyed by millions of people for many years.

We are proud of our success, and we continue to innovate. That’s why in 2008, we founded  Invel® Institute of Technology (IITP®) to further the research of FIR and to collaborate with leading universities in Brazil to enable unbiased, impartial studies of the effectiveness of Far Infrared on the body.

Our mission is to utilizing honest, vetted, scientific research to create the best products to improve the lives of our customers.