About Invel

Invel has helped millions around the globe. We’ve spent over two decades testing and perfecting our product, and along the way have become recognized worldwide as industry leaders.


Our introduction into the market

Our first big hit was the Invel Body Dome, which used Far Infrared technology for weight loss in aesthetic clinics. We expanded to over 700 clinics in Brazil, Japan, and France.


Glowing feedback led to scientific research

Clients loved it, and began reporting unexpected results like reduced visible cellulite, less swelling in their limbs, and improvements with sleep. We decided to investigate and worked with scientists in leading research institutions in both Japan and Brazil. The research found that our customers’ reports were indeed the effects of our bio ceramic compound in the Invel Body Dome.


Invel creates Biocearmic Apparel

We thought to ourselves, how can we bring these benefits to our customers daily? Clothing proved to be promising. We released Anti-Cellulite shorts and they were so successful, we began releasing other articles of clothing. Today we make everything from active wear to office wear.


Introducing the IITP research center

In keeping with our dedication to health and well-being, we founded the Institute of Technology and Research (IITP in Portuguese) to further the studies of bioceramics and health worldwide.


Following the success of Invel in Japan and Brazil, offices were opened in Italy and the United States, with plans to expand to even more countries.

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